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Aims Multi Nutritional Juice is 100 % organic health product & free from any sort of side effects. This has rich anti oxidant properties so this product protects you from toxins & pollutants. Aims Multi Nutritional Juice helps in balancing all essential nutrition & provides body vitality throughout the day & hence prevents from various life threatening diseases. All herbs used in this juice possess significant medicinal properties like they are very effective on cardiovascular problems, arthritis, bone & joint problems, sexual problems, diabetes, hyper active children, diabetes, respiratory diseases, BP problems and many more. As per nutritional facts below you can see it is rich in elements basic to humans like: dietary Fiber, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Folic Acid.

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Natural Care has come up with extra ordinary product AIMS Ortho Care Drops for the first time in India exclusively supplied by Hawaiian Herbals, Hawaii, USA which is 100% natural product sourced from pollution free atmosphere of Hawaii and contains no side effects. This is a HALAL & Kosher certified product and produced under International GMP regulations. This is specially formulated with essential elements so can be excellent for frequent fractures, joint pain, painful or restricted joints movement and severe inflammation without causing any adverse effect on body. It can certainly come as a welcome relief from joints pain and attributed with anti inflammatory effects, can help joint movement and flexibility, lubricate the joint and may alleviate swelling associated with arthritis or alike ailments.

With the help of this product, many people have experienced dramatic results in improving and strengthening bones, joints structure. Aims Ortho Care contains natural blend of ingredients like Glucosamine HCI for advanced joint support, along with an exclusive herb blend for anti inflammatory & antioxidant benefits - Kaempferia Galanga, Hemidesmus Indicus, Cedrus Deodara, Saussurea Lappa, Sida Retusa, Rubia Cordifolia, Vetiveria Zizanioides, Cinnamomum Camphora and Ellena all are internationally known to keep the bone & joints strong. Thus confidently can recommend this product to cope with various joints problems.

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As we age, the reduced turnover of our cells means we can lose control over how our skin ages. Epidermal stem cells needed to create healthy new skin are significantly reduced and function less efficiently. A discovery based on promising plant stem cell research may allow you to regain control.

Scientists have found that a novel extract derived from the stem cells of a rare apple tree cultivated for its extraordinary longevity shows tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin. By stimulating aging skin stem cells, this plant extract has been shown to lessen the appearance of unsightly wrinkles. Clinical trials show that this unique formulation increases the longevity of skin cells, resulting in skin that has a more youthful and radiant appearance.

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It is designed to be placed on any sore part of your body such as feet, knees, ankles, joints and so on. Do it before you go to sleep. The patch will pull out the toxins from painfull point during night. The obvious indicator for that will be changed color and smell of the path when you wake up in the morning.

However, the best spot to apply the patch is sole of your foot. Thats because it has more than 60 reflexology meridian points, known as the "second heart". These points are the reflective zones of your major internal organs and because of the gravity your feet becomes the most toxic part of your body.

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